Abruzzo most stunning places, now you can get all of them right here.
A Park completely made by mountain, the Mother Mountain of Abruzzi in the most inaccessible and wildest area of the Central Apennine ...
The territory of the National Park of Abruzzi, Lazio and Molise consists mainly of a series of mountain ranges ....
Gran Sasso (or Gran Sasso d'Italia) is the highest mountainous mountain of the continental Apennines, located ....
On a spur overlooking the sea, it was erected in 1448-52 and damaged by landslides and war ...
Chieti, like Sulmona, was originated in a far and mythical past: it was founded by the hero ...
The church, which was rebuilt at the end of the sixteenth century by Pietro Santucci from Manfredonia ...
Le Morge is a seaside resort located along the coast of Trabocchi in the province of Chieti ...
Abruzzo is also a sea region, with miles of coastline rich in extraordinary landscapes, very different from each other.
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